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  1. “Keep talking and I will let them have you.” He was still gone off world most of the time so he was eager to have Jane move if only to have a peace of mind that she was safe and sound in the company of his new friends. Seriously, can you please remove whatever you stuck to the camera? This is getting ridiculous.” Darcy grinned.
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  3. We understand why people didn’t catch on to the optical illusion at first. It’s very hard to see! If you still can’t see it either, take a look at the video below; it shows a simpler version of the illusion. Prepare for your mind to be blown!
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  5. Found a picture on my phone of me sleeping. I live alone. Put cameras in your room. level 2. pinklunch. 24 points · 2 years ago. me too! this is my worst nightmare! “You need to find somewhere safe,” my mom told me. Keep in mind that she has literally dropped me as a newborn and has poisoned me on a HANDFUL of occasions.
  6. All the prep work has come to this. Cameras are organized in various sections of the Hotel, primarily on the first floor, done in such a way to check for threats but also respect the privacy of the arrivals. Your office has synced with everything and Baxter’s helmet is the last piece to “complete” your new look.
  7. DODSFERD [] [2CD] Fucking Your Creation DODSFERD [] [CD] Cursing Your Will To Live DODSFERD [] [CD] Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey DODSFERD [] [CD] Denying With Arrogance Your Pathetic Existence DODSFERD [] [CD] Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow DOKKEN [] [CD] Under Lock And Key.
  8. Barnes moved straight to the laptops while he was careful to keep out of the camera's line of sight as best as possible without looking suspicious. He glanced over the spec cards on the laptops. They were shit compared to what he was used to but any of them could work. He pulled one off the shelf and passed it to Barnes and Noble.

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