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  2. Both the LEC and CMH grow lights should be kept at least 18″ from the top of your plants, with some models needing to be kept as far as 3 feet away. “CMH” grow lights have been around for many years, and used to come in typical HID sizes like W, .
  3. fsr brave out - growing distance 7' by brave out, released 18 march 1. peace 2. open wide 3. growing distance 4. forced pain 5. my fight.
  4. Distance Between Grow Light and Cannabis Plant. It can be easy to overheat your plants as they grow towards the light. A good test to see if your lights are too close to your plants is the hand test. Simply put your hand under the light next to the top of the plant. If it is hot enough to make you uncomfortable then it is doing the same to your.
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  6. Mar 16,  · Light to plant distance charts / How far should the light be. Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by and its funny I only found out not to long ago what a foot-candle really is. but if you're gonna use CFLs, try to get bulbs 23W and above, low Watt bulbs are not very efficient for growing. BIG E Registered User. Joined.
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  8. Jan 18,  · Keeping the proper distance between your full spectrum LED grow light and your plants is important for photosynthesis and growth. Full Spectrum LED grow lights provide the wavelengths of light your plants need for germinating, growth/vegetation and flowering/fruiting.

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